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SSU-Genesis is an establishment that does not like identify itself as either an agency or a consultancy firm, but as a sincere business partner with full of energy and passion, focused on building long term relations while deeply comprehending its partners’ businesses. Carrying out our work by internalizing the companies we serve is one of our indispensable business understandings.


Development and implementation of effective business strategies and solutions in line with your goals in diverse areas of Digital Marketing we offer a full range of thru-the-line marketing strategies that will help you successfully attain your short- and long-term goals.


We aim to achieve results with the understanding of "Integrated Digital Marketing Communication" that will create the basis for you to achieve your goals and we do strongly underline that we are data-driven, creative, and are ever-ready to take up all types of digital marketing projects like SEO, content development, traffic analysis, link building services, online media plannig&buying, the programmatic ads, tailor made social media menagement, creative services, website design, digital and conventional PR.


Managing social media requires interacting with social media users and your target audience, media planning, determining the right content and hashtags, preparing specially designed advertising images and more. So that’s the reason why we have very talented and creative brand specific appointed social media specialits and design team who will address all your needs and have an exceptional implementations towards your goals.

Deciding on the right Online Advertising platforms, preparing the right text content and specially designed advertisement images (banners) within the framework of your brand standards in order to reach the target audience and potential buyers, determining the right time and budget and follow-up and evaluation of the performance of the advertisement after activation we have very experienced advertising team  where we can take action all acroos the world.


We like to have a deep understanding of your business and aim to focus on the short- and long-term strategies of your brand. We develop strategies that are constantly adapted to your changing needs on the way to digital transformation. We determine your digital transformation strategy by taking into account your industry needs, your current processes, the efficiency of your processes and sectoral insights.

About Us

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